Scott on the “Buffett Rule”

Check out Scott’s opinion peice in the Washington Times:

“For months, President Obama has been campaigning around our country calling for the passage of his “Buffett rule,” which would raise taxes on those he deems to be “superrich.” This new tax, Mr. Obama claims, would establish a “basic principle of fairness [that], if applied to our tax code, could raise enough money” to “stabilize our deficit and debt for the next decade.” Unfortunately, the math proves it won’t. The Buffett rule would raise about $46 billion over 10 years, or about $4 billion per year. The government spends more than $4 billion in one day.

But while people on both sides of the argument understand that the Buffett rule is little more than a campaign gimmick, it is not the president’s only push for higher taxes.”

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