Rep DesJarlais Introduces Bill To Provide Financial Assistance For Military Families

“When Lance Corporal Andrew P. Carpenter lost his life in Afghanistan on February 19,2011, his family was left to pay tens of thousands of dollars in his student loans. While the debt was forgiven, the IRS claimed the loan counted as taxable income and they still owed money. Kevin and Cindy Carpenter fought back.

“‘I’ve never had to ask for help, but I had to help because it was a large amount of money,’ said Cindy Carpenter.

“She reached out to U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlias, and together they came up with the Andrew P. Carpenter Tax Act. The bill would keep student loans from being categorized as taxable income for military families.

“‘It’s important to me because it is not right for families who have sacrificed so much to pay taxes on loans that were forgiven,’ said Rep. DesJarlais.


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