NRA Endorses Congressman DesJarlais

NRA Endorses Congressman DesJarlais
Cites Eric Stewart’s Weak Support of 2nd Amendment Rights

Statement from NRA Reads as Follows:

Vote Freedom First!
Vote for Congressman Scott DesJarlais
For the U.S. House on Tuesday, November 6th!

Dear Tennessee NRA Member,

The NRA Political Victory Fund ( has endorsed Congressman Scott DesJarlais in the 4th Congressional District of Tennessee. Scott DesJarlais has earned an “A” rating by fighting for your firearms freedom in congress, and now he needs your help to ensure our second amendment rights and hunting heritage are protected.

In the 112th congress, he co-sponsored and voted for H.R. 822, “The National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act.” This bill would ensure law-abiding Americans with a valid concealed handgun license could be able to carry their concealed firearm in any other state that does not prohibit concealed carry.

In contrast, his opponent Eric Stewart, voted against S.B. 3012 in the Tennessee Senate, a measure that allows Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit holders to carry a firearm for self defense in restaurants.

Protest your rights by voting Scott DesJarlais for congress! The choice is clear, please make sure your friends and family go to the polls on November 6th and vote Scott DesJarlais for Congress!

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