Dr. DesJarlais: Guardian of Small Business

You may be familiar with the National Federation of Independent Business.  They nationally represent the economic engine that provides the majority of this nation’s job growth – independent businesses.

Dan Danner, the CEO of the NFIB, presented Congressman DesJarlais with the Guardian of Small Business Award.  It is given to those in congress who vote favorably on issues that promote and protect independent businesses.

Dr. DesJarlais believes that it will be the private job creators who will get this country back on track economically – not Washington bureaucrats.  He will stand with independent businesses and work to peel back the regulations that are slowing job growth in America.

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Statement on August Unemployment Numbers

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Labor Day

In light of Labor Day, we need to take a hard look at the promises President Obama has made and where they have led us.  Please click here to read an article I wrote about the hardships many Americans still face.

Statement on Today’s Congressional Budget Office’s Report

“For over forty months our nation’s unemployment rate has been above eight percent and our economy is stuck in the worst recovery in seventy years.  Unfortunately, today’s report by the CBO cements the fact that President Obama’s policies of higher taxes and out of control government spending has done little to reverse this economic slide. In fact, job creators I talk with say that these record deficits create a climate of uncertainty that leads them to keep capital on the sidelines . . .

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The Best Way to Save Medicare

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