Scott’s Story

Dr. Scott DesJarlais was raised in rural America, where people value hard work and honesty. Scott’s father was a second generation barber and his mother was a nurse for 44 years at Fort Meade Veterans Hospital.

Growing up, Scott’s first job was shining shoes for 25 cents per shine. From shining shoes, Scott graduated to washing cars at a local dealership and was later promoted to the parts department – a job he kept while working his way through college.

After college, Scott received his medical degree at the University of South Dakota and moved to Tennessee to practice general medicine in Marion County.

A few years ago, Dr. DesJarlais noticed a change in the conversations he was having with his patients. Instead of talking about sports, hunting and family, patients were expressing their concerns over the future of this country. They were worried about jobs, government spending and Obamacare.

Scott shared these concerns and even though he had never sought elected office before, he ran for Congress and won against a Democratic incumbent that was backed by the entire Washington liberal establishment.

Since arriving in Washington, Congressman DesJarlais has fought to balance the budget, repeal Obamacare and reduce the size of government in order to grow and create private sector jobs here at home. Scott has voted against any effort to raise our nation’s debt limit, against sending taxpayer dollars to Syria and Ukraine and against any proposal that would raise taxes on hard working Tennesseans.

Last year, Congressman DesJarlais co-sponsored and helped pass legislation in the United States House of Representatives that would prevent the federal government from coercing states into adopting education standards like Common Core. He also strongly supports term limits and is working to develop a proposal that would limit the amount of time a congressman or senator can stay in Washington.

His independent, conservative efforts led National Journal Magazine to rank him as the fourth most conservative member of the United States House of Representatives and Congressional Quarterly to list him as one of the top five Members of Congress who has consistently voted against President Obama’s agenda. Additionally, Congressman DesJarlais received an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA) for his defense of our Second Amendment Rights.

Although Dr. DesJarlais spends a lot of his time in our nation’s capital, he makes it a priority to travel Tennessee’s Fourth District to listen carefully and cultivate relationships with his constituents. He believes strongly that the path to prosperity will be paved by the ideas and ingenuity of hardworking Americans – not bureaucrats in Washington.

Scott is married to Amy DesJarlais and lives in South Pittsburg, TN with their three children Tyler, Ryan, and Maggie. The DesJarlais family is active in the Epiphany Episcopal Church of Sherwood, Tennessee where Amy grew up.

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